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24 Jun 2006 / p. 1
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Orson Pratt with his first family
Frederick H. Piercy, about 1850, tinted engraving. Orson Pratt Jr., Sarah Marinda Bates Pratt, Marinthia Altheria Pratt, Laron Pratt, Orson Pratt, Celestia Louisa Pratt. Replaces B&W reprint from DUP. Other versions on disc: B&W DUP version, Color slide from LDS Museum (poor color).
Orson Pratt and his first family
Special 8×10 inch version of same shot. From DUP.


2nd Generation
Sarah Marinda Bates (Pratt)
1st wife of Orson Pratt
b. 5 Feb 1817
d. 25 Dec 1888

holding daughter Marinthia Altheria. Closeup of family portrait by Frederick Piercy. Replaces b&w version (also on disc). From DUP.
Possibly Sarah Marinda Bates (Pratt)
Original carte de visite. From Shirley Hull.
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