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24 Jun 2006 / p. 1
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2nd Generation
Thankful Halsey
1st wife of Parley Parker Pratt
b. 18 Mar 1797
d. 25 Mar 1837

This photo is purported to be Thankful Halsey Pratt. This is almost certainly not her. (Thankful died before the invention of photography.) From Carol Knight.
Another View
Another version. This is almost certainly not her. From Carol Knight.
3rd Generation
Parley Parker Pratt Jr.
1st child of

Parley Parker and Thankful Halsey Pratt

b. 25 Mar 1837
d. 26 Aug 1897

Thumbnail from Carol Knight.


Parley Parker Pratt Jr. and 1st wife
Esther Romania Bunne
ll (Pratt) (Penrose)
From LDS Audiovisual reprint.
Closeup of Parley Jr.
From LDS Audiovisual reprint.
Another Version
From Carol Knight.


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