Jared Pratt /
24 Jun 2006 / p. 1
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1st Generation
*Not* Jared Pratt
b. 25 Nov 1769
d. 5 Nov 1839

This photo is proported to be Jared Pratt. Almost certainly not him, since Jared died the year photography was invented (1839). Carte de visite, from Carolyn Maxwell.
1st Generation
Charity Dickinson (Pratt)
1st wife of Jared Pratt
b. 24 Feb 1776
d. 20 May 1849
1st Generation
Mary or Polly Carpenter (Pratt)
2nd wife of Jared Pratt
b. 23 Sep 1771
d. Bef. 1799


2nd Generation
Mary or Polly Pratt (Brown) (Bigelow)
1st child of
Jared and Mary Carpenter Pratt
b. Feb 1793
d. 2 Jan 1849
1st Generation
Lovinia Jemima Pratt (Van Cott)
sister to Jared, mother-in-law to Anson
b. 6 Aug 1787
d. 18 May 1878
Photo of a large albumen photo in
Daughters of Utah Pioneers Hall.
Also on disc, screened print from Reva Stanley, A Biography of Parley P. Pratt: The Archer of Paradise (1937)


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