One Inch Ovals
Second Generation

I┬ámade these for the Pratt Photo CD labels, but I’m putting them here because they can be used for family group sheets as well. I have included them in TIFF format, for use in word processors and desktop publishers, and JPEG, for use on the web and in genealogy programs.

Restrictions: The majority of these photos were contributed by institutions, who donated them with the understanding that they could be used by Pratt family members only and only for not-for-profit family history uses. All others will need permission. Write the webmaster (below) and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Other Photos Available: If you would like 1-inch ovals of some of the other shots, or of members of the the third geneation, let me know and I will add them to the collection. (See contact information below.)

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William (right-click)

William (JPEG)
William (TIFF)
Alice Fleet Smart (JPEG)
Alice Fleet Smart (TIFF)

Parley (right-click)

Parley 2 (JPEG)
Parley 2 (TIFF)
Parley 5 (JPEG)
Parley 5 (TIFF)
Parley 6 (JPEG)
Parley 6 (TIFF)
Parley 8 (JPEG)
Parley 8 (TIFF)
Parley 16 (JPEG)
Parley 16 (TIFF)

Parley’s Wives (right-click)

Mary Ann Frost (JPEG)
Mary Ann Frost (TIFF)
Elizabeth Brotherton (JPEG)
Elizabeth Brotherton (TIFF)
Mary Wood (JPEG)
Mary Wood (TIFF)
Hanahette Snively (JPEG)
Hanahette Snively (TIFF)
Belinda Marden (JPEG)
Belinda Marden (TIFF)
Ann Agatha Walker (JPEG)
Ann Agatha Walker (TIFF)

Orson (right-click)

Orson 2 (JPEG)
Parley 2 (TIFF)
Orson 8 (JPEG)
Orson 8 (TIFF)
Orson 12 (JPEG)
Orson 12 (TIFF)
Orson 18 (JPEG)
Orson 18 (TIFF)
Orson 19 USHS (JPEG)
Orson 19 USHS (TIFF)
Orson 20 (JPEG)
Orson 20 (TIFF)
Orson 21 (JPEG)
Orson 21 (TIFF)
Orson 25 (JPEG)
Orson 25 (TIFF)
Orson 29 (JPEG)
Orson 29 (TIFF)

Orson Wives (right-click)

Sarah Marinda Bates (JPEG)
Sarah Marinda Bates (TIFF)
Adelia Ann Bishop (JPEG)
Adelia Ann Bishop (TIFF)
Mary Ann Merrill (JPEG)
Mary Ann Merrill (TIFF)
Marian Ross (JPEG)
Marian Ross (TIFF)
Eliza Crooks6 (JPEG)
Eliza Crooks (TIFF)

Nelson (right-click)

Nelson (JPEG)
Nelson (TIFF)

All Photos Zipped (right click, select “Save Target As…” Note: See restrictions above.)

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