Pratt Family Photo Project
Unknown Descendants of Orson and Adelia Ann Bishop Pratt

The following photos are from the collection of cousin Heather Rankin. Heather got these from her grandmother, Myrtle Edwards Gorder, a granddaughter Orson and Adelia Ann Bishop Pratt.

Myrtle was an artist who learned from her uncle Lorus Pratt. She developed glaucoma and was blind before she could write the names on the backs of these pictures.

This collection includes several known children of Orson and Adelia and a lot of unidentified photos, probably of close relatives.

Can you identify others? If so, please let us know! (contact information below).

The woman is Orthena Pratt Silver
but who is the baby?
(One cousin suggested Glenn Silver.)
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The girl on the right looks like Orthena
Is it her? her daughter?
Who is the other girl?
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Most likely Eltha Bishop Pratt Edwards
Labeled “Ella” or “Elta” (see large version)
Can anyone confirm ID?
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Maybe a sister-in-law
(Rankin no. 17)
Possibly Harriett Elzina Wheeler
md. Lorus Bishop Pratt
Picture was taken in Switzerland
(Rankin no. 18)
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Unknown, but looks old enough
to be first or second generation
(Rankin no. 24)
Another view
(Rankin no. 25)
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Unknown family group.
(Rankin no. 35)
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Boy from the same family?
(Rankin no. 11)
Girl from the same family?
(Rankin no. 26)

(Update: I ran across a large portrait resembling the bearded man in Rankin no. 35 at the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum in Salt Lake City–this is almost certainly James Dunster. I haven’t been able to learn of his connection to the Pratts if any. The Rankin collection included a cabinet card portrait of Wilford Woodruff labeled “Dunster”–they do look a little alike. This is further confirmation that the man in this family group is James Dunster.)


Perhaps children of Orthena Pratt and John A. Silver
(Rankin nos. 39, 41)

A niece of Eltha Pratt Edwards, but what is her name?Note: Cousin Jenny McEwan recently wrote in and identified this as Grace Slack, daughter of Amy Bell Nebeker Slack, a daughter of Lucy Pratt Nebeker, Eltha’s sister—so a grand-neice. See below:

Here is Amy Bell’s family, with Grace by her mother, courtesy of Jenny McEwan.

Unknown (Rankin no. 5)

“Bessie Simpson”
A relative?
(Rankin no. 15)
(Rankin no.19)
(Rankin no. 21)
Unknown. The book is
Sir George Tressady,
by Mrs. Humphrey Ward,
published 1896
(Rankin no. 44)

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