Pratt Family Photo Project

Note: See also the Unknown Descendants of Orson and Adelia Ann Bishop Pratt page.

Can you identify any of the following unknowns?
We have reason to believe all are members of the Pratt family.


Photo 1 has been identified as Jared Pratt, the progenitor of the family. This seems unlikely, since Jared died in 1839, the year photography was invented. Also, beards were not common before the 1860s.

Photo 2 has been identified as Thankful Halsey, Parley’s first wife, which is even less likely, since Thankful died in 1837, two years before photography was invented.

We have a sneaking suspicion these may be other Pratt family members, perhaps grandchildren. Contact us if you have info (see below).


Photo 3 is from the collection of Amy Odell, a granddaughter of Helaman Pratt, son of Parley and Mary Wood. Amy believes this is Helaman but is not certain.Photo 4 is from the collection of Norma Hainsworth, a great-granddaughter of Helaman. Norma’s mother Mary Pratt Parrish identified this woman as Helaman’s wife Victoria Billingsley Pratt, but she looks different from other photos of Victoria. Can anyone shed light on this pair of photos?


Photo 5 is from the collection of Carol Knight, a descendant of Parley P. Pratt Jr. and Brighamine Nielsen Pratt. A caption on the back reads: “Aunt Mary. Eldora said this is a polygamous wife of P.P. Jr.” The only other wives of Parley Jr. we know of are Esther Romania Bunnell and Susanna Pulley. This doesn’t resemble pictures we have of Romania–could it be a Susanna?

The next six pictures are from the collection of cousin Jean Godfrey, who descends from Parley through Mary Ann Frost. She is related to the Driggs family.


I recently ran across no. 7 in the book Dauthers of the Utah Pioneers and Their Mothers: This is Minerva White Snow, wife of the Apostle Erastus Snow. I’m wondering if no. 6 isn’t also Minerva White Snow. Cousin David Pratt, a descendant of Jared, recently identified no. 8 as Mada Pratt, daughter of Jarred Oralando and Sarah McArthur Smith Pratt.

Jean’s collection also had shots of Amos Milton Musser, Belinda M. Musser, other Musser family members, and Benjamin Cluff. Bob Rippy, a Cluff family member, recently wrote in to identify no. 10 as Benjamin Cluff Jr.


These are from the collection of Jed Jensen, who descends from Orson through Laron. They may be children of Laron and his wife Ethelwynne. Other families they may belong to: Andrews, Brinton, and Griggs.


The photo on the left comes from Helaman Pratt’s wife Victoria through great-granddaughter Norma Hainsworth. It has the word “Pratt” on the back. The other two images are known photos of Helaman’s sister Mary P. Young. Could Norma’s photo be Mary also, or someone else entirely?

If you have information on any of these photos, please contact
Ben Parkinson, Pratt Family Photo Project Chairman
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