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2nd Generation
Mary Wood
4th wife of Parley P. Pratt
b. 18 Jun 1818
d. 5 Mar 1898

B&W scan from LDS Archives, colorized by Ben Parkinson. Also on disk: LDS scan plus scan from Ben Parkinson
2nd Generation
Parley P. Pratt

Version of the shot in Parley’s collection, sized and colored to match shot of Mary Wood. From Ben Parkinson. Exists only as 4×6.
3rd Generation
Cornelia Pratt (Driggs)
2nd child of
Parley P. and Mary Wood Pratt
b. 5 Sep 1848
d. 9 Oct 1899
and sister Mary Pratt (Young)

Cornelia (left) from is from 1938 Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt.
Mary Ann (right) is from Jas. T. Jakeman, Daughters of Utah Pioneers and Their Mothers (1915).


3rd Generation
Helaman Pratt
1st child of son of
Parley P. and Mary Wood Pratt
b. 31 May 1846
d. 26 Nov 1909

Original carte de visite from Ben Parkinson
Helaman Pratt
B&W reprint colorized by Ben Parkinson.
(Ben put this together in Photoshop before the original turned up in 2005. This version exists as a 4×6 only.)
Probably Helaman Pratt
From Amy Odell.


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